Therapy Dog Membership Renewal

In October of each year members receive a renewal notification of fees due to keep membership current.  At this time members are also asked to update rabies information, and to update contact information.

The deadline for membership renewal will be January 1, 2017.

Current renewal fee is $40.00 per year for one dog and for additional dogs please contact

To maintain your TDV membership please renew by January 1, 2017 to avoid a lapse in TDV’s supplemental liability insurance coverage.

A “17” year sticker will be sent to you for the front of your TDV Badge, lower right hand corner. This sticker confirms to facilities that you hold current membership.

Our three-month renewal period is meant to allow for holiday travel, seasonal relocation, etc. There are no late fees. Reminders are sent several times before the final deadline to help assist the team in remaining current.

When a team lets their membership lapse, the team will have to retest in order to regain membership in TDV.

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