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Touching Hearts, Bringing Joy, Offering Comfort, and Enriching Lives with Certified Therapy Dog Teams in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, various other states, and in Canada.

Thank you, Steve!

For the countless smiles you unleashed, for founding this important organization, for setting the standards a proper team strives for, and especially for your patience and tireless efforts making Therapy Dogs of Vermont what it is today.

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Therapy Dogs of Vermont is a non-profit organization with one main objective—to provide four-legged volunteers who work their magic to improve the emotional health of patients, residents, students, and staff.

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Being a therapy dog team with Therapy Dogs of Vermont is an incredibly rewarding way to volunteer and bring smiles to adults, teenagers, and children alike.

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Being a therapy dog team is an incredibly rewarding way to bring smiles to the members of your community. Already a member? Then visit click on the button below to visit the Member Support section of our website.

Therapy dogs have been a wonderful source of comfort and companionship for women who are incarcerated and separated from their children and families. The affection they share with these animals is a tremendous aid to their mental and spiritual well-being.

Rob Dubuque

Coordinator of Volunteer Services, Dale Correctional Facilities for Women