Why Therapy Dogs?

The benefits of therapy dogs

Therapy Dogs bring joy and comfort to people in a host of Vermont hospitals and other health-related venues, nursing and retirement homes, child and adult day care centers, and correctional facilities.

With nearly two decades of service under our belts (or would that be our leashes?), Therapy Dogs of Vermont is proud to have earned a reputation of excellence and experience.

When you schedule a visit with TDV, you can be sure:

  • You’re welcoming dogs into your facility who have been through a rigorous testing and certification process; one that has evolved over 17 years of working with dogs in therapy settings.
  • You’re working with an organization that operates on the forefront of policies and issues surrounding canine therapy and is responsive to emerging health care issues and facility requirements.
  • You’ll receive excellent service and the full support of our local TDV management team.
  • You’re working with an organization with a team of expert advisors, including veterinarians, dog behaviorists, and health care professionals.
  • You’re working with the only homegrown therapy dog organization spanning the entire state of Vermont and beyond.

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