Therapy dogs have been a wonderful source of comfort and companionship for women who are incarcerated and separated from their children and families. The affection they share with these animals is a tremendous aid to their mental and spiritual well-being.

Rob Dubuque

Coordinator of Volunteer Services, Dale Correctional Facilities for Women

The UVM Medical Center Volunteer Services Department appreciates the collaboration, support and dedication of the volunteers with Therapy Dogs of Vermont over the past 15 years. Therapy Dogs and their volunteer owners continue to provide very special visits to UVM Medical Center patients and their families. Together they bring joy, companionship, wellness and very magical moments.

Judy Rivers

RN, Dir. Volunteer Services Department, UVM Medical Center

People with mental health problems can often be withdrawn or have trouble relating to others. Which is a big reason why we have a certain four-legged therapist (from Therapy Dogs of Vermont) named Zuzu make regular visits.

Susan Brothers

Director of Marketing & Communications, Central Vermont Medical Center

I can greatly see the value of Therapy Dogs of Vermont teams when they visit our patients.

Dolly Macneil

Director, Volunteer Services Department, Northwestern Medical Center

Laughter and visits from Therapy Dogs of Vermont are the best medicine!

Colleen McLaughlin

Activities Director Starr Farm Nursing Center

What a gift Therapy Dogs of Vermont have given our residents and staff as well.

Deborah Lemery

RN, Asst. Admin., Pillsbury Manor

I was privileged to watch Therapy Dogs and their handlers extend unconditional love to patients of all ages – when they needed it most. There is no doubt that love heals.

Marilyn Van Graber

Former Patient Representative at Fanny Allen Hospital

The therapy dogs (from Therapy Dogs of Vermont) that visit our pediatric patients probably do more to bring smiles to their faces than any treatment I can ever prescribe.

Lewis First

MD - Chief of Pediatrics, Vermont Children's Hospital at UVM Medical Center