Request a Therapy Dog Visit

Our four-legged volunteers work their magic to improve the emotional health of patients, residents, students, and staff.

Each TDV visit is tailor-made. So whether your need is for an “employee/student de-stress hour” where our teams stop by to wag tails and show off their latest tricks, or you’d like us to visit on a weekly basis to brighten the spirits of patients or residents, our teams are looking forward to working with you. Whoever you are, contact us and experience what a little four-legged love can do.

Facility Visit Requests

Therapy Dogs of Vermont (TDV) actively encourages our members to make visits wherever they feel compelled to go and where they are welcome and supported by the facility. Facilities we typically support include (but are not limited to):

  • Hospitals and other health-related venues
  • Nursing homes and retirement communities
  • Veteran housing communities
  • Libraries and schools to support reading programs
  • Stress reduction efforts for students at colleges and universities

If you have a specific event for which you are requesting Therapy Dogs of Vermont to attend, please give ample time between your request and the event date. Due to the number of event requests we receive, please submit your request at least a month before your event.

Facility Visit Request Form

Our services are free of charge. As a non-profit organization we do accept voluntary donations.

Please note: Because of our insurance regulations, our members are not allowed to visit private residences.

What you can expect from TDV and our volunteers

  • Rigorously-screened dogs and handlers (Please note: we do not do background checks)
  • Administrative support to address questions, comments, or concerns
  • Insurance to supplement homeowners’ insurance (if you require a copy of the policy, please contact

What TDV volunteers expect from you

  • One contact person
  • An orientation appropriate for the facility and or/event
  • A clear understanding of the rules/requirements for volunteers
  • A safe environment for the dogs (e.g., if non-therapy dogs are permitted in the facility, they should be on leashes and have rabies certificates on file with the facility)

How to identify registered TDV members

  • The handler will wear a badge with a current year sticker
  • The dog will wear a TDV bandana

If you have additional questions, comments, or concerns, please contact

Please know that there is no charge for our services of touching hearts, bringing joy, offering comfort, and enriching lives with our certified therapy dog teams.

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