Trouble on Slick Floors

Ask Isa

Isa and Deb Helfrich

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Dear Isa: I have a large-breed therapy dog. She loves her visits to the children at FAHC, but she’s having a tough time getting up on some of those slick floors. Any suggestions? —Larry and Roxy

Dear Larry: Excellent question! Read on—maybe this will help. Also, good luck with your visits!

This is not uncommon. Here are a few things you can try to help the sliding and giving Roxy purchase on the non-carpeted floors:

  • Try a product that you can apply to the bottom of her feet–especially made for dogs–so they don’t slip. You can buy these as sprays or waxes. You apply them to the pads of the feet and they keep them tacky. Sometimes you can achieve the same thing by putting Coke or Pepsi on the pads (though there’s temptation to lick it off)
  • If Roxy won’t mind it, dog boots with a non-slip bottom can be really handy. And, as a side bonus, people think they are cute and kids get a kick out of them
  • Also, try talking to your vet to make sure Roxy is on any supplements that might help a dog of her age and size.

It’s great you are aware of Roxy’s comfort and ability to work in the visitation environment. If you find it becomes too difficult, there are certainly other places you can visit- -places with carpeted floors, or a very low key beat like a reading program (where she would just lay down next to a youngster and be read to!).